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Post by , March 28th, 2017

With a range of different options and requirements available when moving house Express can offer additional services such as move in or out cleaning, car transport, pet transport, full professional packing services, crating for antiques and fine art. Please do not hesitate to contact Express with anything questions you may have regarding your move.

Hourly Rates Available – Monday to Friday

For Local Removals we have the option to offer you 2 men, 3 men or 4 men Hourly rates, Depot to Depot, Minimum applies.
We have fully trained staff that can assist with all sorts of moves.


Pest Control  

Moving is hard enough, so we can now assist with those last minute things like pest control.
Our specialist team can make all the suitable arrangements to get you house ready to move out or move in.



House Cleaning 

With all the stress of arranging your removal service we can now assist in arranging your cleaning service for your move in or move out. Bond, Pre sale, hand over cleans along with carpet cleaning.


Packing Materials 

The type of packing materials available when moving house is endless. please find list below
Standard $4.95
Book $3.95
Tape $2.95
Port-a-robes $16.50

Crush paper, butcher paper, plastics for Lounges, armchairs and mattresses. The list goes on

OR CALL 1300 139 995