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Post by , March 28th, 2017

Over the years of packing our crew have suggested the following tips:

# When packing, if you can move a fully packed box easily with one foot the box is good to go

# No such thing as NOT enough crush paper – use as much paper, rags and/or linen to protect your fragile items

# Any sharp items such as Knives should be wrapped in double paper, taped and clearly marked so you can identify the danger

# Try to keep same contents in one box, mixing the boxes with different contents gets confusing and can cause unnecessary stress

# Only write contents and location on tape, this will keep box clean and less confusion


Please find below a list packing cartons we have available for sale:

Standard ‘Teachest’ size cartons (431 x 406 x 596mm) : $4.95 new

Book/wine carton (406 x 298 x 431mm) : $3.95 new

Port a robe cartons : (594 x 476 x 1099mm) : $16.50 new

Tape : $2.95

Below is a guideline for the quantity and type of removal boxes Brisbane households will need for the average move.

1 bedroom: includes 10 Teachest cartons 5 book carton 1 port a robe and 1 packing tape : $80.00
2 bedroom: 20 Teachest cartons, 10 book cartons 3 port a robes and 2 tape : $170.00
3 bedroom: 30 Teachest cartons, 15 book cartons 4 port a robes and 4 tape : $270.00

If you are planning to have us come to your home to complete a free in house survey service, please ask your consultant and they will be able to provide some more accurate information on the quantity and type of packing boxes and other materials you will need.

If you require information on any cartons not listed above please do not hesitate to contact our office

OR CALL 1300 139 995