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Post by , March 28th, 2017


For purpose of providing a definition, the Australian Furniture Removers Association in September 2002, ratified a definition for the term “Normal Access”. Since the term “Normal” can mean different things to different people, it was decided the term “normal access” should be replaced by the term “Standard Access”. It is to be applied when consignments are going to/from sites unseen and is to make the client aware of what (in terms of access) is included in the removal cost.


A ground level building to which a legally registered heavy vehicle (with a maximum legal height of 4.3 metres including clearance of all trees and branches from approaching streets and length of up to 13 metres), collecting or delivering a consignment can;

Safely and legally approach, park and depart, without disruption, overhead

Once parked, be within a walking distance (via the safest, most practicable route) of no more than 15 metres from the vehicles loading or unloading point to the allocated entry point of the building, via a maximum of five (5) steps, and be over a regular,

Over the distance, the rise or fall shall not exceed 1.5 metres (or approximately eye level) with a gradient of not more than one-in-five (1 in 5); and

The point of collection or placement within the building shall not exceed twenty-five metres from allocated building entry point.

Deliveries or Collections to / from accesses outside these guidelines (unless previously agreed otherwise) may attract additional charges.

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