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Post by , August 7th, 2014

At Express we collectively have over 50 years experience in the moving industry so below is a timeline guide in preparing for your move. Please remember this is a guide only, if you do not have the luxury of this time do not fret simply give us a call and we will work with you to achieve your move goals.

Six (6) weeks before your moving day

This is the time to get things started, contact Express to either make a appointment for a surveyor to visit your home or book a date for your move. It is also a good time to start thinking about what you actually want to take with you to your new home and what you want to dispose of – spring clean time ! Also time to confirm school details for children if not already confirmed.

Three (3) weeks before your moving day

If you are completing the packing of cartons yourself, time to get this started, contact Express to arrange delivery of your required packing materials.

Two (2) weeks before your moving day

Time to let everyone know you are moving, post office redirect mail, banks, electrocal roll, clubs, service providers, water, power, gas and all other contacts that communicate with you via mail

One (1) week before your moving day :

Time to confirm all arrangements for pets and children for the move day.

The day prior to your moving day

You will be contacted by Express to confirm all moving details. You will also need to make arrangements for food stuffs including refrigerated and frozen items, dangerous good items such as fuels, gas bottles flammable items which we are unable to transport for you. Ensure all cartons and items are packed and prepared ready for the move. Make sure the boxes are labelled with the contents which will make it much simplier when unloading/unpacking.

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