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The Possibilities of Renting a Storage Unit

The city of Brisbane is reportedly one of the fastest growing capital cities in Australia, with a growth predicting to reach 3.18 million people over the next ten years. Inevitably as the population grows, so does the amount of stuff people own. Yet at the same time we’re living in increasingly smaller homes.

Today, a common reason for moving or extending the existing house is to access or free up more space. But there is an easier (and cheaper!) option to fit your belongings – by renting a storage unit.

Storage units are popping up everywhere in bigger cities, and there’s good reason for it too. These often self-contained and affordable facilities are offering plenty of versatility. Below are some of the appealing arguments for investing in an accessible storage solution.

Free up some space & declutter

Some people simply lacking the extra space to realise the dream of a home gym or a man cave. Others may be required to work from home and are in need of an office space. Renting a storage unit for your “junk” will enable you to convert the newly freed-up room into the space you need. Express Furniture Removals offers a variety of storage options for all your needs. With our state-of-the-art storage facilities, Brisbane residents can expect us to securely meet any storage needs, from a single item up to the largest home.

A money saver

With house prices soaring in most of Australia’s larger cities, property owners should consider how a storage facility could save them money, or even make them money (we’ll explain below!). Rather than upsizing and taking on an even bigger mortgage to obtain more space, why not live small and rent a storage unit on flexible terms? For example, a first-home buyer or down-sizer could save approximately $150,000 by buying a place with one less bedroom. Or, if you’re thinking of the resale value of your current home, turning your third bedroom into a second bathroom will generally generate a greater profit as your house will have more appeal on the market. From as little as a few days to several years, at Express Furniture Removals we have the capacity to store over 500m3 with containers for as little as $44.00 per week.

Easy access to your items

Most storages can be accessed from early mornings to late at night all year round. This makes it incredibly convenient to take out or move in more items whenever needed. There is no need to worry that you won’t be able to access items, stock or documents contained within your storage on weekend or public holidays either. Most storage facilities are operated by a personal pin code or a key, which gives you access 24/7. If you have any questions in regards to accessibility of our storage, please call on 1300 139 995, or send us your details via our website and we can contact you today to discuss.

Secured & alarmed

Naturally, our possessions are valuable to us. Otherwise we wouldn’t care to keep them, right?! At Express Furniture Removals we understand this and can help put your mind at ease with our secure alarmed storage spaces. Not only is each storage space individually alarmed, but they also provide the perfect space to store items that could become damaged or stolen onsite. Our storage facility security includes back to base monitoring with electronic movement sensors, 6ft barbed wire perimeter boundary fencing, and regular patrols of the area. We are an approved storage facility for many corporate and government agencies and regularly undergo security audits to ensure our storage solutions continue to meet their very strict standards. Hence why we have quarterly safety inspections.

Need transit & storage insurance? Talk to us today!

Looking for storage in Brisbane?

With our state-of-the-art storage facilities, Brisbane residents can expect us to securely meet any storage needs, from a single item up to the largest home. Our storage solution products include:

  • Vehicle Storage
  • Pallet Racking Storage
  • Containerised Storage
  • Home Pack Storage

We offer short-term and long-term storage in addition to competitive storage rates. Located in the heart of Archerfield, our depot with back to base security &CCTV is located for all your storage needs.

Call us today on 1300 139 995 to discuss your options or email us directly: [email protected].

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