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Tips For Unpacking After Moving House

While it’s easy to dream about settling into your new home, the reality is moving is a big job. That’s why unpacking is equally as important as packing

Luckily, we’ve come up with an accessible guide with step-by-step tips to help:

  • Stay Organised
  • Follow a plan
  • Find help

How to organise

Tip #1 pack to unpack 

One of the best ideas we’ve found is to pack your items so that you can quickly empty them.

In other words, 

  • label cartons
  • colour-code item

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Tip #2 Map-out where furniture should go

If you took photographs and measurements of your new house ahead of time, it would make it easier.

Be sure to share your move-in plan with your removalist before they start unloading.

This way everything ends up in the correct place.

Following your plan

Step #1 Check your inventory list

This involves going room-by-room, checking off that all of your furniture and cartons arrived.

Your removalist will likely have an inventory list, but it’s also a good idea to have your own.

Step 2# Locate your priority Carton

From the beginning, you will want to make sure you know where your priority carton is. This is the carton you filled with all of the necessary belongings such as:

  • A change of clothing
  • Non-perishable food
  • Personal items

In other words, thing you need right away,

Step 3# Sort your belongings

Now it’s time to start sorting through the rest of your belongings.

If you colour-coded and labelled your cartons while packing, this should be easy.

Which room should be first?

One big room you’ll want to set up quickly is the kitchen.

Check all major appliances are hooked up and then begin unpacking to flat surfaces and bench tops allowing you to sort as you pack away.

Continue to the Bedrooms

Getting your bedroom set up is so important because you will surely need sleep and be exhausted by the end of your move.

Make sure you know precisely where your bedding is, too.

The Bathroom is next

The next room to get in line is the bathroom. You’ll Basically want to have the opportunity to clean up at the end of a long moving day.

Take out your essential medications, hang up a shower curtain and make sure you have any personal items handy, like soap and shampoo.

Time for the living room

The next room on the list is the main living room.

The good news is, you’ll likely have a lot of your big furniture, like couches, bookcases and end tables here, so a lot of the hard work in unpacking comes with getting the furniture through the front door.

Extra tip! If you took photographs before moving and used cable ties for electronic cords, they will be easier to re-assemble in your new home.

Tips for staying on track:

Overall, it’s important to stay focused when it comes to unpacking.

  • Set small goals

For example, commit to two hours of hard work before taking a break.

  • Set your speed

How fast you unpack is up to you. If you wish to unpack quickly, though, you need to stay motivated.

  • Don’t procrastinate

Keep tabs on how many times you tell yourself you’ll do something “tomorrow”. Instead, make it today.

 I’ve unpacked. What now?

Once everything is unpacked and in place:

  • Double-check your empty cartons
  • Recycle or give away packing materials

Remember, moving is a process, but if you:

  • Organise
  • Use a plan
  • Ask for help

You are sure to have a successful move, with a quick unpack and plenty of time to enjoy your new home!

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