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Yes, we are a Brisbane removalist company | Yes,  we can move and store your belongings.

Experienced Furniture Removalists

With more than 20 years of experience, we provide Brisbane furniture removals & storage solutions.

We have been delivering trusted and high-quality removal/storage services since 1999.  In this time, we’ve helped to relocate thousands of Australian families

Fixed & Hourly Rates Available

We provide both fixed rates and hourly rates for your convenience and peace of mind. This allows you to have more control over the cost of your household removal.

We pride ourselves on our communication and transparency. This way, your furniture removal bill or storage invoice won’t ever come as a nasty surprise.

Professional Team Of Brisbane Removalists

Our qualified team of Brisbane removalists are confident and ready to assist you.

Work with our experienced removalists that care about your belongings. The team will treat your furniture and household items with the utmost care and respect.

Stress Free Removals

We know all too well that removal can feel like a hectic experience, especially when coupled with the stress of selling and/or finding a new home.

Organising your contents and furniture for packing and removal can be overwhelming, so you can expect that our dedicated removalists do everything that they can to ensure that you have a stress free removal experience from end to end.

Cut The Cost Of Your Removal

We have been helping Brisbane households cut down on their moving costs for over 20 years.

To help manage your removal costs, use some of these quick and straightforward cost-cutting measures:

  • When packing, label all cartons with the appropriate room location for correct placement at your delivery address.
  • Dissemble any furniture, swing sets, trampolines.
  • Disconnect all electrical appliances like fridges, washing machines, TVs.
  • All items you’d like to be move have been packed.

Our Services

Brisbane Removalist Quote

We offer a free in-house removal assessment to enable us to provide you with an accurate, fixed price quote for your furniture removal.

We can arrange to visit your home at a time that is convenient for you.

After taking a look at your belongings, we can then calculate the volume of your move. Then you will get a guaranteed fixed price quote with NO hidden costs.

On your initial contact with Express Furniture Removals please remember:

  • No questions are silly and we are more than happy to answer everything we can.
  • We love to have a chat.

Right from your initial contact, we will be assessing your removal requirements. From there we can advise you with the options that are suitable for your needs.

We may overwhelm you with too much information (and we apologise for this) but if it happens, please let us know.

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